Protecting Public Safety
Presented by CCJ and
The Washington Post Live

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In the past two years, homicides have soared in many U.S. cities, in some cases reaching record levels. At the same time, criminal justice leaders are navigating demands for policing and broader criminal justice reform, particularly in the wake of the deaths of unarmed Americans of color at the hands of law enforcement. 

In a powerful summit on June 28, 2022, with support from Arnold Ventures, the Council on Criminal Justice and The Washington Post Live convened a cross section of leaders from around the country to discuss the most effective ways to strengthen both public safety and trust.

Participants included a mayor, police chiefs, violence reduction specialists and community activists. On a panel presented by the Council, members of its Violent Crime Working Group and Task Force on Policing discussed how different constituencies can unite behind solutions that advance both safety and fairness as the nation grapples with an increase in violent crime.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison discussed how they see the current moment in criminal justice, as well as strategies that have worked to improve public safety and trust.

Art Acevedo, former Chief of Police in Austin, Houston and Miami, joined Campaign Zero Executive Director DeRay Mckesson to explore how public officials and reformers can address issues in policing.

Vanita Gupta, Associate Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, discussed recent Supreme Court decisions and the federal role in promoting both safety and justice at the state and local levels.