Upclose with members

Our UpClose series invites members to participate in a short conversation about highlights of their work, meaningful experiences related to criminal justice, and CCJ’s value to the field.

UpClose logo with headshot of Eduardo Bocanegra

UpClose With Eduardo Bocanegra

Eduardo Bocanegra discusses the challenges his organization, READI Chicago, faces as it works to reduce urban gun violence, his optimism given the diverse set of leaders now engaged on the problem, and how his experience as a formerly incarcerated person shapes his perspective.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Cynthia Lum

UpClose With Cynthia Lum

Our video feature this month spotlights Dr. Cynthia Lum, professor of Criminology, Law and Society and director of George Mason University’s Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy. A leading authority on evidence-based policing, and a member of CCJ’s Task Force on Policing, Dr. Lum discussed what lies ahead for American law enforcement and the key barriers to reform.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Dan Meyer

UpClose With Dan Meyer

Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. Founder Dan Meyer speaks about his mission to build brands, create jobs, and change lives through employment and whole life coaching in Cincinnati.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Alice Marie Johnson

UpClose With Alice Marie Johnson

Alice Marie Johnson is an advocate, speaker, author, and activist who is the CEO of the Taking Action for Good Foundation. On June 6, 2018, President Donald Trump commuted her sentence after more than two decades in prison. Since leaving prison, Alice has committed her life to helping others. Alice created the Taking Action for Good (TAG) Foundation as a movement with the belief that everyone has the ability to TAG and challenge others to do the same.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Carlos Martinez

UpClose With Carlos Martinez

An immigrant from Cuba, Carlos Martinez has made indigent defense his life’s work. He was elected Public Defender of Miami-Dade County in 2008 and was re-elected without opposition in 2012 and 2016.

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