Upclose with members

Our UpClose series invites members to participate in a short conversation about highlights of their work, meaningful experiences related to criminal justice, and CCJ’s value to the field.

UpClose logo with headshot of Chico Tillmon

UpClose With Chico Tillmon

Our newest member video spotlights Chico Tillmon, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Chicago Crime and Education Labs, violence prevention expert, and member of CCJ’s Violent Crime Working Group.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Janelle Melohn

UpClose With Janelle Melohn

Our newest member video spotlights Janelle Melohn, a member of CCJ’s Board of Trustees. Melohn discusses the challenges victims and survivors have faced during the pandemic and how the victims services field has evolved.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Jessica Hulsey

UpClose With Jessica Hulsey

In the October member feature, Jessica Hulsey of Addiction Policy Forum discusses the unique challenges the pandemic created for individuals with substance use disorders. Watch the video to hear Hulsey’s thoughts on actions the U.S. should prioritize as it addresses substance use and what all of us can do to reduce stigma around addiction.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Alex Piquero

UpClose With Alex Piquero

In the latest installment of the Council’s member video feature, Dr. Alex Piquero, Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Miami, discusses his research on the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic and shares some thoughts on police reform.

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UpClose logo with headshot of Wendy Still

UpClose With Wendy Still

This month, our monthly member feature, UpClose, highlights Wendy Still, a CCJ member and Chief Probation Officer in Alameda County, CA. During the interview, Still shares how community supervision has shifted to include a more holistic, needs-based approach and the way that her work implements these newer practices. Watch the video to learn more.

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