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Guns: Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Middle Ground

By Marc A. Levin

Sometimes it seems the only thing those on the polar ends of our politics have in common is their assertion that the sky is falling.

Those who oppose any restrictions on firearms say the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act  signed by President Joe Biden in June amounts to the death knell for gun rights. Texas Senator John Cornyn was even jeered and censured by party activists for his leadership on the legislation.

Those on the other side are similarly irate, insisting that the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, which determined that a New York state law requiring a license to carry concealed weapons in public places was unconstitutional, will turn our nation into a “wild, wild West.” 

Actually, if this legislation and the Court’s ruling were placed on a football field representing American public opinion, they would be much closer to the 50 yard-line than the end zones.