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Sarah Stitt - First Lady of OK

Sarah Stitt

First Lady, Oklahoma
Women's Justice Commission

Sarah Stitt, Oklahoma’s First Lady, brings a wealth of experience and a unique blend of compassion and leadership to her role. With 25 years of marriage to Governor Kevin Stitt and as a mother of six, Stitt’s dedication to family and community is evident. Before her tenure as First Lady, Stitt spent two decades fostering a supportive work environment at Gateway Mortgage. Her commitment to employee growth, both spiritually and professionally, underscores her belief in uplifting others. As First Lady, Stitt focuses on instilling hope among Oklahomans, particularly the vulnerable. She advocates for mental health awareness and founded Hope Rising Oklahoma in 2021, partnering with Dr. Chan Hellman of the Oklahoma University Hope Research Center. Their collaborative efforts extend to training state agencies in groundbreaking hope science. Currently, Stitt chairs the campaign for a premier Pediatric Behavioral Health Center at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, addressing critical mental health needs statewide. With her steadfast dedication, Stitt continues to make a profound impact on Oklahoma’s well-being.