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  • Name: Libby Schaaf

    Job Title: Mayor

    Company Name: City of Oakland

    Bio: Libby Schaaf was born and raised in Oakland, which she proudly describes as, “The most unapologetic Sanctuary City in America.” During her tenure, Oakland has undergone an economic revitalization and building boom, as well as cut gun violence in half. She has been recognized for leading the successful implementation of the Ceasefire strategy, which integrates community voice, violence prevention and intervention, as well as strategic enforcement to prevent gun violence. She is best known for her innovative public-private partnerships, including Keep Oakland Housed, credited with preventing 1800 Oakland families a year from becoming homeless, and Oakland Resilient Families, one of the largest demonstrations of Guaranteed Income in the country. In 2019, Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed Mayor Schaaf to California’s first Council of Regional Homeless Advisors. She also serves as Co-chair of Mayors & CEOs for US Housing Investment and Member of the Council on Criminal Justice.