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  • Name: Louis L. Reed

    Job Title: Criminal Justice Reform Consultant and Founder of Mobilize 365

    Bio: As an organizing and criminal justice reform consultant, Louis L. Reed is the founder of Mobilize 365, a nonprofit dedicated to training justice-impacted people and passing laws. Through his work, he aims to empower people who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system to take an active role in creating change.

    Bio 2: Reed previously served as Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships for Jay-Z’s REFORM Alliance. With years of experience in government, criminal justice expertise, policy advocacy, public health, and personal impact, Reed has made a significant impact on the criminal justice system. He spent nearly 14 years in federal prison and several years on supervision, and his leadership has led to the passage of more than 30 bills, including the historic First Step Act, which was signed into law by President Trump.

    Bio 3: Reed’s public policy outcomes have impacted more than 650,000 people affected by the criminal justice system. He has leveraged his expertise and personal experience to become a leading voice for criminal justice reform. Reed’s dedication to justice and his ability to effect real change has earned him recognition as a leading advocate for criminal justice reform.