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  • Name: Daniel Seeman

    Job Title: Principal

    Company Name: New Momentum Strategies

    Bio: Dan Seeman is the Founder of New Momentum Strategies, one of Sacramento’s leading public affairs firms and a hub for criminal justice reform advocacy in California. Prior to founding New Momentum Strategies, Dan was a partner at Grace Public Affairs, and prior to that served as deputy cabinet secretary to Governor Newsom where he advised on matters related to corrections, public safety, and criminal justice. Dan was also deputy legislative secretary to Governor Jerry Brown, where he advised the Governor on criminal justice related matters, and was legislative consultant to State Senator Mark Leno where he focused on criminal justice, technology, privacy, cannabis and judiciary issues.

    Bio 2: Throughout his career in Sacramento, Dan has been at the center of some of the most consequential criminal justice reforms in the State’s history, including the California Electronic Privacy Act, public safety re-alignment, Proposition 57 (Yes), Proposition 20 (No), SB 54 the TRUST Act, bail reform, ending life without parole for juveniles, ending the prosecution of children as adults, reforming California’s youth prisons, reforming CDCR and ending private prisons in California, eliminating a number of overused sentencing enhancements, establishing 1170(d) second look re-sentencing, and establishing the CA Penal Code Review Committee, among many other legislative and administrative accomplishments. Through all of these efforts, Dan has established himself as one of the go-to trusted advisors to Governors, Legislative leaders and criminal justice reform advocates in California.