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  • Name: Anne Seymour

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Fairness, Dignity & Respect for Crime Victims & Survivors

  • Name: Susan Shaffer

    Job Title: Former Director

    Company Name: Pretrial Services Agency of the District of Columbia

  • Name: Tarra Simmons

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Civil Survival

  • Name: David Singleton

    Job Title: Executive Director, Attorney-at-Law

    Company Name: Ohio Justice & Policy Center

  • Name: Jennifer Skeem

    Job Title: Professor

    Company Name: University of California, Berkeley

  • Name: Beth Skinner

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Iowa Department of Corrections

  • Name: Virginia Sloan

    Job Title: Founder & President Emeritus

    Company Name: The Constitution Project

  • Name: Sean Smoot

    Job Title: Managing Partner

    Company Name: 21CP Solutions, LLC

  • Name: Darrel Stephens

    Job Title: Former Executive Director

    Company Name: Major Cities Chiefs Assocation

  • Name: Don Stern

    Job Title: Former U.S. Attorney

    Company Name: Massachusetts

  • Name: Carter Stewart

    Job Title: Executive Vice President

    Company Name: Andrew W Mellon Foundation

  • Name: Wendy Still

    Job Title: Chief Probation Officer

    Company Name: Alameda County Probation Department

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