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  • Name: Michael McBride

    Job Title: Director of Urban Strategies

    Company Name: LIVE FREE Campaign

  • Name: Beth McCann

    Job Title: District Attorney

    Company Name: City of Denver

  • Name: Tashante McCoy

    Job Title: Regional Manager and Founder

    Company Name: Crime Survivors for Safety & Justice/The OWL MOVEMENT

  • Name: Terri McDonald

    Job Title: Chief (ret)

    Company Name: LA County Probation/Sheriff - California Dept of Corrections

  • Name: Jim McDonnell

    Job Title: Sheriff (ret)

    Company Name: Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

  • Name: Ted McKee

    Job Title: Judge

    Company Name: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

  • Name: DeRay Mckesson

    Job Title: Co-Founder

    Company Name: Campaign Zero

  • Name: Desmond Meade

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

  • Name: Tracey Meares

    Job Title: Walton Hale Hamilton Professor

    Company Name: Yale Law School

  • Name: Janelle Melohn

    Job Title: Director, Office of Victims of Crime, Victims of Crime Act Center

    Company Name: National Criminal Justice Association

  • Name: Dan Meyer

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: Nehemiah Manufacturing

  • Name: Roberta "Toni" Meyers Douglas

    Job Title: Vice President of State Strategy & Reentry

    Company Name: Legal Action Center

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