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  • Name: Denny Kaemingk

    Job Title: Cabinet Secretary (ret)

    Company Name: South Dakota Department of Corrections

  • Name: Walter Katz

    Job Title: Vice President of Criminal Justice

    Company Name: Arnold Ventures

  • Name: Justin Keener

    Job Title: Partner

    Company Name: Granite Public Affairs

  • Name: David Keesler

    Job Title: United States Magistrate Judge

    Company Name: US Courts

  • Name: Gil Kerlikowske

    Job Title: Former Director

    Company Name: US Office of National Drug Control Policy

  • Name: Yariela Kerr-Donovan

    Job Title: Senior Director

    Company Name: John Hopkins Medicine

  • Name: Beau Kilmer

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: RAND Drug Policy Research Center

  • Name: Jenny Kim

    Job Title: Vice-President of Operations & General Counsel

    Company Name: Philanthropy Roundtable

  • Name: London Kite

    Job Title: Judge

    Company Name: Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit

  • Name: Jeffrey Korzenik

    Job Title: Managing Director, Chief Investment Strategist

    Company Name: Fifth Third Bank

  • Name: Charis Kubrin

    Job Title: Professor

    Company Name: University of California, Irvine

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