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  • Name: Ann Jacobs

    Job Title: Former Executive Director

    Company Name: John Jay College Institute for Justice and Opportunity

  • Name: Michael Jacobson

    Job Title: History with Corrections, Vera

    Company Name: CUNY

  • Name: Wallace Jefferson

    Job Title: Partner

    Company Name: Alexander Dubose Jefferson

  • Name: Rob Jeffreys

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

  • Name: Richard Jerome

    Job Title: Deputy Monitor

    Company Name: NYPD Stop & Frisk Case

  • Name: Alice Marie Johnson

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: Taking Action for Good Foundation

  • Name: Bernette Johnson

    Job Title: Chief Justice (ret.)

    Company Name: Louisiana Supreme Court

  • Name: Lauren Johnson

    Job Title: Justice Director

    Company Name: Dream.Org

  • Name: Van Jones

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: REFORM Alliance

  • Name: Byron Todd Jones

    Job Title: Senior Vice President

    Company Name: NFL

  • Name: Barron Jones

    Company Name: In Memoriam

  • Name: Maha Jweied

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: Responsible Business Initiative for Justice

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