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  • Name: Samra Haider

    Job Title: Executive Director of Programs & Chief Strategy Officer

    Company Name: Center for Employment Opportunities

  • Name: Linda Harllee Harper

    Job Title: Director, Gun Violence Prevention

    Company Name: District of Columbia

  • Name: David Harris

    Job Title: Sally Ann Semenko Endowed Chair and Professor of Law

    Company Name: University of Pittsburgh School of Law

  • Name: Lukas Haynes

    Job Title: Principal Donor Advisor

    Company Name: Leveraged Philanthropy

  • Name: Timothy Head

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Faith and Freedom Coalition

  • Name: Timothy Hegarty

    Job Title: Investigator

    Company Name: Office of Institutional Equity, Kansas State University

  • Name: Norris Henderson

    Job Title: Founder and Executive Director

    Company Name: VOTE (Voice of the Experienced)

  • Name: Marcus Hicks

    Job Title: Managing Partner

    Company Name: The Corrective Impact Group

  • Name: Heather Higginbottom

    Job Title: President, PolicyCenter

    Company Name: JPMorgan Chase

  • Name: Jamila Hodge

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Equal Justice USA

  • Name: Mark Holden

    Job Title: Former Senior Vice President

    Company Name: Koch Industries, Inc.

  • Name: Shon Hopwood

    Job Title: Associate Professor of Law

    Company Name: Georgetown University Law Center

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