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  • Name: Seema Gajwani

    Job Title: Special Counsel for Juvenile Justice Reform and Chief of the Restorative Justice Section

    Company Name: Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia

  • Name: Laurie Garduque

    Job Title: Program Director

    Company Name: MacArthur Foundation

  • Name: Adam Gelb

    Job Title: President & CEO

    Company Name: Council on Criminal Justice

  • Name: Malcom Glenn

    Job Title: Director of Public Affairs

    Company Name: Better.com

  • Name: Alberto Gonzales

    Job Title: Dean

    Company Name: Belmont University School of Law

  • Name: Ed Gonzalez

    Job Title: Sheriff

    Company Name: Harris County, Texas

  • Name: Ron Gordon

    Job Title: State Court Administrator

    Company Name: Utah Judiciary

  • Name: Trey Gowdy

    Job Title: Former Representative (SC-4)

    Company Name: U.S. House of Representatives

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