Member Statements

Members share their views on the launch of the Task Force on Policing and what it means for the future of public safety.

Art Acevedo, Chief, Houston Police Department; President, Major Cities Chiefs Association:

“Our communities are hurting, and it’s essential that we not only demonstrate that we’re listening, but also that we commit ourselves to changes that will strengthen trust between police agencies and the people we serve. I believe this Task Force can help us move forward productively by highlighting which proposals are backed by evidence and most likely to help us succeed.”

DeRay Mckesson, Educator, Author and Co-Founder, Campaign Zero:

“After Ferguson, we were promised change, but the change we need has not come to be. Can we come together now and acknowledge that true public safety requires us to shrink the role and power of police? We must.”

Tashante McCoy, Regional Manager and Founder, Crime Survivors for Safety & Justice/The OWL Movement:

“The death of George Floyd along with my cousin, Antwaune Burrise, and other incidents of violence at the hands of police have led us to an historic moment of reckoning over the very essence of American law enforcement. It is my hope and expectation that this Task Force will help our country sort through the multitude of good ideas and find those offering the greatest promise to produce true change.”

Louis Dekmar, Chief, LaGrange (Ga.) Police Department; former President, International Association of Chiefs of Police:

“There are many great ideas out there about how we should reimagine policing – and I applaud everyone dedicated to this critical mission. What sets this Task Force apart is its focus on channeling the impulse driving this movement in a direction most likely to produce the improvements we seek.”

Michael Nutter, Former Mayor, City of Philadelphia; former President, U.S. Conference of Mayors:

“The analyses produced by this Task Force will serve as essential resources for policymakers, advocates, and others striving to ensure police provide effective, equitable, and respectful services to those they are sworn to protect.”

Roy Austin, Partner, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis, LLP; former White House domestic policy adviser:

“This Task Force will be a critical voice in the robust and long-overdue national conversation that helps policymakers, law enforcement professionals, and communities chart a path forward.”

Rosie Rivera, Sheriff, Salt Lake County, Utah:

“We strive to police in a way that is both effective and constitutional. I’m convinced that we will find reforms that will reduce violence and make our police and communities stronger.”

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