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  • Name: Stephen B Walker

    Job Title: Director, Correctional Health

    Company Name: California Correctional Peace Officers Association

    Bio: Stephen B. Walker is currently the Director of Correctional Health for the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA), a statewide organization representing 30,000 men and women working within the California Department of Corrections Rehabilitation. Raising awareness of the deleterious impacts of the current design, structure, and operations of corrections he believes it is a catalyst for improving health and wellness within the correctional environment. Before his current position, Walker served as Director of Governmental Affairs for the association, working to engage, educate, and advocate for correctional officers within the State’s legislative and governmental affairs arenas.

    Bio 2: His fields of experience range from person-to-person evaluations, engagement, and supervision of people in custody, day-to-day operations within the correctional environment to include advocacy and intervention, policy development and implementation, negotiations and troubleshooting the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Governor, Walker held the classification of Youth Correctional Officer in the California Youth Authority for thirty-five years.

    Bio 3: Walker serves as Director of Correctional Health, Board member for the Child Abuse Prevention Center, Foundation for Independent Voter Education, Black Youth Leadership Project, California African American PAC, California Research Project, Desert Waters Correctional Outreach, and Creative Acts. Host of the Reason55 podcast. He is also a United States Marine.