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  • Name: Troy Vaughn

    Job Title: Co-Founder and Executive Director

    Company Name: Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership

    Bio: Mr. Troy F. Vaughn is the Executive Director and Chair of the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership (LARRP). LARRP is dedicated to creating viable housing and employment solutions and system-wide change for formerly justice-involved individuals. In his role as Executive Director of LARRP, the network has grown to over 400 agencies. LARRP has had a tremendous impact on capacity building of smaller CBOs, and has fought for input/inclusion in the County’s contracting and budgeting process. In 2013, LARRP launched its 50% campaign to create more funding to CBOs that served people under Assembly Bill 109 (AB109). LARRP’s effort resulted in an increase of AB109 funding to CBOs from 11% to now over 27%. Mr. Vaughn also serves as Founder, President and CEO of Christ-Centered Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating housing and employment opportunities for the disenfranchised.

    Bio 2: Throughout his 20+ year career, Mr. Vaughn has held a wide range of executive roles for several large non-profits in the Los Angeles area, including CEO and COO of two Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHCs), COO of Shields for Families, CPO for Lamp Community and Executive Director and Vice President of the Weingart Center for the Homeless.