Diverse in Expertise and Perspective, CCJ Members Serve as Media Resource for Broad Range of Topics

With more than 175 members from across the criminal justice field, the Council on Criminal Justice serves as an expert resource for journalists covering everything from policing and crime trends to corrections, the courts, reentry, urban violence, and substance abuse, as well as the politics of reform and broader context of social and racial justice.

Members include four former governors; current and former police chiefs and sheriffs; prosecutors and public defenders; leading advocates and researchers; justices on state supreme courts; state, local and federal policy makers; leaders in business, faith, and philanthropy; formerly incarcerated people; victims of crime; community program providers, and others.

A list of CCJ’s inaugural members can be found here – and you can stay up to date on criminal justice news by following our member list on Twitter. For help locating members who can provide expert commentary on the issues you’re covering , contact Jenifer Warren at jwarren@counciloncj.org. We can help you find credible voices to speak both to the nature and extent of the problems in the criminal justice system, as well as research-based and promising solutions.

CCJ is a nonpartisan membership organization and think tank created to advance understanding of the criminal justice policy challenges facing the nation and build consensus for solutions based on facts, evidence, and fundamental principles of justice. To learn more, visit counciloncj.org.

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