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Pamela Winn - President and CEO, RestoreHER US.America

Pamela Winn

President, RestoreHER US.America
Women's Justice Commission

Winn founded the Georgia-based organization RestoreHER US.America, which addresses the social determinants of criminalization and the social inequities affecting directly impacted women. Winn is a member of the Council on Criminal Justice and national leader in women’s policy. Her work includes advocating for the passage of legislation ending prison birth, shackling, and solitary confinement, and promoting probation reform in 24 states. Winn consulted on the federal Pregnant Women In Custody Act introduced by former California Rep. Karen Bass and drafted language related to women that was instrumental in the passage of the First Step Act. 

Winn is also a peer reviewer with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. She was invited to the White House for the Prison Reform Summit and the Criminal Justice Reform Summit, where she spoke on issues related to the incarceration of women. She has presented to the United Nations and has provided written and oral testimony for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights briefing Women In Prison: Seeking Justice Behind Bars. Winn is a 2019 Soros Justice Advocacy Fellow, a recipient of the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, and was recognized by Forbes’ 50 Over 50 Impact list of top women leaders for social change in the United States.