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  • Name: Amy Fettig

    Job Title: Deputy Director

    Company Name: Fair and Just Prosecution

    Task Force Membership: Task Force on Long Sentences

    Bio: Amy Fettig is a national expert on criminal justice reform with over two decades of experience as a civil rights litigator, campaign director, and movement leader. Amy previously served as the Executive Director of The Sentencing Project (TSP), a research and advocacy organization in Washington, D.C., where she oversaw ground-breaking research on sentencing reform and jumpstarted national campaigns to roll back extreme sentences, expand voting rights, and promote youth justice. At TSP, she also founded the Second Look Network, a national network of attorneys and legal professionals working on post-conviction cases beyond direct appeal.

    Bio 2: Amy also served as Staff Counsel and then Deputy Director for the ACLU’s National Prison Project, where she garnered national recognition for her work challenging unconstitutional prison conditions. In this role, she founded and directed the ACLU’s Stop Solitary campaign seeking to end the practice of long-term isolation in our nation’s detention facilities. She also served as a leading member of the national coalition seeking to end the practice of shackling incarcerated pregnant people.

    Bio 3: A leading expert on prisoner rights law and sentencing reform, Amy has provided technical assistance and advice to advocates, attorneys, and lawmakers around the country. As a thought leader on criminal legal reform issues, she frequently engages in public speaking, media commentary, and writing in such forums as PBS Newshour, NPR, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time, and other regional and national news outlets. Amy has served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Michigan. She holds a B.A. with distinction from Carleton College; a Master’s from Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs; and a J.D. from Georgetown University.