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  • Name: Clyde Tate

    Job Title: Chief Counsel

    Company Name: National Association for Drug Court Professionals

  • Name: Kimá Joy Taylor

    Job Title: Principal

    Company Name: Anka Consulting LLC

  • Name: Kim Taylor-Thompson

    Job Title: Professor

    Company Name: NYU School of Law

  • Name: Kelli Thompson

    Job Title: State Public Defender

    Company Name: Wisconsin State Public Defender

  • Name: Mike Thompson

    Job Title: Principal

    Company Name: Mike Thompson Consulting, LLC

  • Name: Chico Tillmon

    Job Title: Director, Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy

    Company Name: University of Chicago Crime Lab

  • Name: Emada Tingirides

    Job Title: Deputy Chief

    Company Name: Los Angeles Police Department

  • Name: Brett Tolman

    Job Title: Founder / Attorney & Chair of the White Collar, Corporate Compliance, and Government Investigations Section

    Company Name: Tolman Group

  • Name: Jeremy Travis

    Job Title: Senior Fellow

    Company Name: Columbia University Justice Lab

  • Name: Michael Tubbs

    Job Title: Former Mayor

    Company Name: City of Stockton

  • Name: Benjamin B Tucker

    Job Title: First Deputy Commissioner (ret)

    Company Name: New York Police Department

  • Name: Nicholas Turner

    Company Name: Vera Institute of Justice

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