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  • Name: Roberta "Toni" Meyers Douglas

    Job Title: Vice President of State Strategy & Reentry

    Company Name: Legal Action Center

  • Name: Reg Michael

    Job Title: Director (ret)

    Company Name: Montana Department of Corrections

  • Name: Maryanne Miller

    Job Title: Four-Star General (ret)

    Company Name: United States Air Force

  • Name: Sharone Mitchell

    Job Title: Public Defender

    Company Name: The Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender

  • Name: Eileen Moore

    Job Title: Army Nurse Corps, U.S. Army

    Company Name: Associate Justice, California Court of Appeal

  • Name: Stephanie Morales

    Job Title: Commonwealth's Attorney

    Company Name: City of Portsmouth

  • Name: David Muhlhausen

    Job Title: Principal Public Policy Specialist

    Company Name: MITRE

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