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  • Name: Jerry Madden

    Job Title: State Representative (ret)

    Company Name: Texas House of Representatives

  • Name: Christopher Magnus

    Job Title: Deputy Auditor of Public Safety

    Company Name: Office of the District of Columbia Auditor

  • Name: Ramona Mahoney

    Job Title: General Counsel

    Company Name: M&T Realty Capital Corporation

  • Name: John Malcolm

    Job Title: Vice President

    Company Name: The Heritage Foundation

  • Name: Gerald Malloy

    Job Title: Senator, Board of Directors of CCJ

    Company Name: SC Senate

  • Name: Rafael Mangual

    Job Title: Nick Ohnell Fellow & Head of Research, Policing and Public Safety Initiative

    Company Name: Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

  • Name: Glenn E. Martin

    Job Title: Senior Consultant

    Company Name: GEMtrainers, LLC

  • Name: Ganesha Martin

    Job Title: VP of Public Policy and Community Affairs

    Company Name: Mark43

  • Name: Genevieve Martin

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Dave's Killer Bread Foundation

  • Name: Carlos J. Martinez

    Job Title: Public Defender - 11th Circuit

    Company Name: Florida Public Defenders

  • Name: Karol Mason

    Job Title: President

    Company Name: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  • Name: Hector Matascastillo

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: ASC Psychological Services

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