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  • Name: Lucy Lang

    Job Title: Inspector General

    Company Name: State of New York

  • Name: Paul Larkin

    Job Title: John, Barbara & Victoria Senior Legal Research Fellow

    Company Name: The Heritage Foundation

  • Name: Edward Latessa

    Job Title: In Memoriam

  • Name: Mike Lee

    Job Title: US Senator

    Company Name: Utah

  • Name: Walt Leger

    Job Title: Senior Vice President

    Company Name: New Orleans & Company

  • Name: Christine Leonard

    Job Title: Director, Legislative & Public Affairs

    Company Name: Architect of the Capitol

  • Name: Alan Leshner

    Company Name: AAAS (ret.)

  • Name: Marc Levin

    Job Title:  

    Company Name:  

  • Name: Timothy Lewis

    Job Title: Senior Counsel

    Company Name: Blank Rome

  • Name: Samuel Lewis

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Anti-Recidivism Coalition

  • Name: Bob Listenbee

    Job Title: Attorney

    Company Name: Philadelphia District Attorney's Office

  • Name: Evie Litwok

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Witness to Mass Incarceration Inc.

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