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  • Name: April Camara

    Job Title: President and CEO

    Company Name: National Legal Aid and Defender Association

  • Name: Tani Cantil-Sakauye

    Job Title: Chief Justice

    Company Name: California Supreme Court

  • Name: Paul Carrillo

    Job Title: Community Violence Initiative Director

    Company Name: Giffords Law Center

  • Name: Hernan Carvente-Martinez

    Job Title: Founder and CEO

    Company Name: Healing Ninjas

  • Name: Paul Cassell

    Job Title: Univ. of Utah College of Law

    Company Name: Univ. of Utah College of Law

  • Name: Steven Chanenson

    Job Title: Professor of Law

    Company Name: Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law

  • Name: Peter Chiarelli

    Job Title: General (ret)

    Company Name: US Army

  • Name: Jerry Clayton

    Job Title: Sheriff

    Company Name: Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

  • Name: Tanya Coke

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Ford Foundation

  • Name: Christine Cole

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Crime and Justice Institute

  • Name: Leslie Cooper

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Pretrial Services Agency, District of Columbia

  • Name: Vaughn Crandall

    Job Title: Co-Director

    Company Name: California Partnership for Safe Communities

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