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  • Name: Rachel Barkow

    Job Title: Vice Dean and Professor of Law

    Company Name: NYU School of Law

  • Name: Ciera Bates-Chamberlain

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Live Free Chicago - Live Free Illinois

  • Name: Charlie Beck

    Job Title: Former Police Chief

    Company Name: Los Angeles Police Department

  • Name: Alysia Bell

    Job Title: President

    Company Name: UNITE-LA

  • Name: Greg Berman

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Center for Court Innovation

  • Name: Leann Bertsch

    Job Title: Senior Vice President

    Company Name: MTC

  • Name: Carmen Best

    Job Title: Director of Global Security Risk Operations

    Company Name: Microsoft

  • Name: Matt Bevin

    Job Title: Former Governor

    Company Name: Kentucky

  • Name: Debora Black

    Job Title: Former Police Chief

    Company Name: Prescott Police Department

  • Name: Kathryn Bocanegra

    Job Title: Assistant Professor

    Company Name: University of Illinois Chicago

  • Name: Michael Boggs

    Job Title: Chief Justice

    Company Name: Georgia Supreme Court

  • Name: Quincy Booth

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: District of Columbia, Department of Corrections

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