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Criminal Justice Gaps Between Women and Men Narrow on Violence, Other Key Measures

Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch leads new national commission developing findings and recommendations to enhance women’s safety, health, and justice

Crime Trends Working Group Releases Roadmap to Improve National Crime Data

CCJ panel says more timely, complete, and accurate crime data are urgently needed to help policymakers spot emerging trends, deploy appropriate interventions

Nebraska Enacts Landmark Law to Steer Troubled Veterans Away from Incarceration and into Treatment

The state is the first in the nation to adopt a policy framework from the Veterans Justice Commission, a CCJ panel led by 2 former U.S. Defense Secretaries.
Racial Disparities Art

State Sentencing Reforms Had Little Impact on Racial Disparities in Imprisonment, Analysis Finds

Disparities in female prison populations declined substantially, largely driven by a 138% increase in prison admissions for White women from 2000 to 2019.

Veterans Justice Commission Urges Department of Defense, VA to Boost Transition Support for Service Members

Led by two former defense secretaries, the 15-member commission calls for risk assessment, joint transition centers, and other actions to cut the number of justice-involved veterans
Report Release

Homicide, Gun Assaults, Most Other Violent Crimes Fall in U.S. Cities but Remain Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

New CCJ analysis of 2023 Crime Trends Also Documents a Continuing Surge in Motor Vehicle Theft, With Incidents Doubling Since 2019
Shoplifting Trends

Is Shoplifting Up or Down?

New CCJ analysis of 24 cities shows a mixed picture, with trends driven by large numbers in New York City.

CCJ Unveils New Interactive Resource on Key Criminal Justice Trends

This new resource is a one-stop shop tracing decades-long changes in crime and victimization, arrests, incarceration, and community supervision.

Alternatives to Prosecution and Incarceration for Justice-Involved Veterans: A Model Policy Framework

Veterans encountering the criminal justice system confront a patchwork of interventions designed to help them, but many fall through the cracks. This policy roadmap encourages jurisdictions to expand alternatives to prosecution and incarceration for veterans and allow those whose cases

New CCJ Analysis Estimates First Step Act Releases Have Lower Recidivism Rates, Arrests

People released under the First Step Act (FSA) are estimated to have lower recidivism rates and fewer arrests than similarly situated people released from federal prison prior to the Act’s implementation, according to a new analysis released today by the
Report Release

Homicide, Other Violent Crimes Decline in U.S. Cities but Remain Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

New CCJ Analysis of 2023 Crime Trends Also Documents a Continuing Spike in Motor Vehicle Theft, With Offenses More Than Doubling in Seven Cities

Task Force on Long Sentences Releases Comprehensive Roadmap to Strengthen Public Safety and Advance Justice 

Based on a year-long analysis, recommendations outline steps to focus resources on violence prevention and victim restoration