Admissible Evidence highlights academic research that has immediate implications for policy and practice. Selected studies span the full range of criminal justice issues and must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. To submit a study for consideration, contact info@counciloncj.org.

What Shapes the Public’s Confidence in Law Enforcement?

This research examines how the racial and gender diversity, behavior, and effectiveness of police departments influence public confidence in law enforcement and the belief that police can be held accountable.

Does Stable Employment Post-Release Reduce Recidivism?

This analysis highlights research that suggests secure employment following imprisonment can significantly reduce recidivism, a finding that held regardless of a person’s past work experience and criminal history.

Receiving a Ticket Reduces the Likelihood of Voting

Do traffic stop tickets influence how likely motorists are to vote? In this analysis, the Council reviews a study showing that receiving a ticket negatively affects participation in elections. This impact was larger for midterm elections and varied by race.