Admissible Evidence highlights academic research that has immediate implications for policy and practice. Selected studies span the full range of criminal justice issues and must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. To submit a study for consideration, contact info@counciloncj.org.

The Impact of De-escalation Training on Police Use of Force in Louisville, KY

What effect does de-escalation training have on police use of force? In this analysis, the Council reviews research on the effectiveness of the Police Executive Research Forum’s ICAT training in the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Are People With a Mental Health Diagnosis More Likely to Do Time in Solitary?

This piece highlights a study that explores the relationship between a person’s mental illness diagnosis and solitary confinement, what might explain the association, and what can be done.

Los Angeles Gang Violence Prevention Program Uses Public Health Model to Reduce Violent Crime

This piece reviews a community-based public health initiative designed to reduce violence by groups of youth in Los Angeles – and discusses what the research findings may mean for similar programs in LA and beyond.