Homicide, Gun Assault, Domestic Violence Declined in Major U.S. Cities in 2022 but Remain Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

By Rachel Yen | January 25, 2023

New CCJ Analysis Also Documents a 59% Spike in Motor Vehicle Theft Since 2019, With Thefts More Than Doubling in 14 Cities

New Research Indicates Modest Reductions in Long Sentences in Illinois Would Result in Few Additional Arrests

By Rachel Yen | January 12, 2023

Analysis for CCJ task force examined arrest histories of people who served an average of 19 years to evaluate public safety impact of shortening prison stays

New Analysis Shows U.S. Imposes Long Prison Sentences More Frequently than Other Nations

By Rachel Yen | December 19, 2022

Higher homicide rates partially explain the distinction, research for CCJ task force finds.

The Hill
A healthier path out of prison leads to safer communities

By Rachel Yen | December 14, 2022

Our prisons don’t have enough staffers to protect inmates or themselves. Better pay, benefits and working conditions are needed, and there are other effective strategies.

The Impact of De-escalation Training on Police Use of Force in Louisville, KY

By Hannah Bolotin | November 16, 2022

What effect does de-escalation training have on police use of force? In this analysis, the Council reviews research on the effectiveness of the Police Executive Research Forum’s ICAT training in the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Are People With a Mental Health Diagnosis More Likely to Do Time in Solitary?

By Hannah Bolotin | November 16, 2022

This piece highlights a study that explores the relationship between a person’s mental illness diagnosis and solitary confinement, what might explain the association, and what can be done.

Los Angeles Gang Violence Prevention Program Uses Public Health Model to Reduce Violent Crime

By maxine | November 16, 2022

This piece reviews a community-based public health initiative designed to reduce violence by groups of youth in Los Angeles – and discusses what the research findings may mean for similar programs in LA and beyond.

Meeting 8: Task Force on Long Sentences

By abby | November 2, 2022

At CCJ’s Task Force on Long Sentences’ eighth meeting (September 7, 2022), members focused on prison programs and conditions for people serving long prison terms, defined by the Task Force as those of ten years or more. Task Force consultant Roger Przybylski (RKC Group) presented on prison programs, reentry, and release planning for longtermers. Key…

Meeting 7: Task Force on Long Sentences

By abby | November 2, 2022

At CCJ’s Task Force on Long Sentences’ seventh meeting (August 13, 2022), members reviewed the statutory and discretionary “back end” laws, policies, and practices that determine the time individuals who receive long sentences actually serve before release. Members heard from Professor Kevin Reitz (University of Minnesota Law School), who presented key findings from a recently…

Meeting 6: Task Force on Long Sentences

By abby | November 2, 2022

At CCJ’s Task Force on Long Sentences’ sixth meeting (July 13, 2022), criminologist Roger Przybylski (RKC Group) reviewed findings from CCJ’s Long Sentences by the Numbers analysis and the research about long sentences and their impact on public safety. While this meeting summarized existing literature, the Task Force also is conducting original research on the…