Event Recording: Pretrial Justice, Sentencing and Corrections—Finding Common Ground in State Capitals

By Rachel Yen | May 23, 2023

On May 15, the leaders of the Council on Criminal Justice Centering Justice initiative – Khalil Cumberbatch and Marc Levin – led a discussion exploring bipartisan cooperation on pretrial justice, sentencing, and corrections with three experts from the field.

Meeting Bulletin #2: Developing the Crime Trends Research Agenda

By Rachel Yen | May 22, 2023

In the Crime Trends Working Group’s second meeting, members discussed what research is needed to inform discussions on nationwide crime trends and identified initial topics for investigation.

Why We Need More College Graduates Behind the Badge

By Rachel Yen | May 19, 2023

Attracting more people with four-year degrees — and more women — into policing is likely to produce better outcomes. Among other things, they are less likely to draw complaints and use force.

Can Repairing Abandoned Housing Reduce Gun Violence?

By Rachel Yen | May 19, 2023

This research examines whether environmental changes such as housing façade repairs, trash cleanup, or weed removal can improve health and safety in low-income, Black neighborhoods.

Relief from Criminal Justice Fees Prevents Increased Debt but Does Not Impact Crime

By Rachel Yen | May 19, 2023

In this analysis, the Council reviews research examining the effects of debt relief on the likelihood of criminal activity and future involvement in the criminal justice system.

Combining Procedural Justice Training and Hot Spots Policing Reduces Crime and Improves Community Relations

By Rachel Yen | May 19, 2023

This analysis reviews a study showing that blending hot spots policing with procedural justice training has positive effects on crime rates, police behavior, and perceptions of police.

UpClose with Leslie Cooper

By Rachel Yen | April 27, 2023

This month’s member spotlight features Leslie Cooper. As PSA Director, Ms. Cooper leads in a direction not only to enhance the Agency’s reputation as the premier pretrial justice organization in the country, but also to ensure that the services the Agency provides to our criminal justice stakeholders and client population are of the highest quality.

Washington Monthly
America Doesn’t Need Public Mugshots of Donald Trump or Joe Blow

By Rachel Yen | April 21, 2023

Releasing police photos of those who have been arrested does little good and much harm. Here’s why.

Illustration of a path that ends in a question mark with text, "Convening the Crime Trends Working Group"

Meeting Bulletin #1: Convening the Crime Trends Working Group

By Rachel Yen | April 19, 2023

In their first meeting, members shared their motivations for participating in the project; several expressed a desire for better national crime data to guide local policy and practice and an eagerness to make data more accessible and clearer to the public.

UpClose with Brett Tolman

By Rachel Yen | April 4, 2023

This month’s member spotlight features Brett Tolman, founder of the Tolman Group and chair of the firm’s White Collar, Corporate Compliance, and Government Investigations section.