New CCJ Analysis Estimates First Step Act Releases Have Lower Recidivism Rates, Arrests

By Rachel Yen | August 21, 2023

People released under the First Step Act (FSA) are estimated to have lower recidivism rates and fewer arrests than similarly situated people released from federal prison prior to the Act’s implementation, according to a new analysis released today by the Council on Criminal Justice.

First Step Act: An Early Analysis of Recidivism

By Rachel Yen | August 21, 2023

This analysis estimates recidivism rates among individuals released from BOP prior to the FSA who had similar risk profiles and were tracked for similar periods of time as those released under the FSA.

What Shapes the Public’s Confidence in Law Enforcement?

By Rachel Yen | August 16, 2023

This research examines how the racial and gender diversity, behavior, and effectiveness of police departments influence public confidence in law enforcement and the belief that police can be held accountable.

Does Stable Employment Post-Release Reduce Recidivism?

By Rachel Yen | August 16, 2023

This analysis highlights research that suggests secure employment following imprisonment can significantly reduce recidivism, a finding that held regardless of a person’s past work experience and criminal history.

Receiving a Ticket Reduces the Likelihood of Voting

By Rachel Yen | August 16, 2023

Do traffic stop tickets influence how likely motorists are to vote? In this analysis, the Council reviews a study showing that receiving a ticket negatively affects participation in elections. This impact was larger for midterm elections and varied by race.

Meeting #4: Exploring Changes in Homicide and Motor Vehicle Theft Rates

By Rachel Yen | August 15, 2023

In the Crime Trends Working Group’s fourth meeting, members reviewed CCJ’s latest crime trends report and discussed changes in homicide and motor vehicle theft rates.

Homicide, Other Violent Crimes Decline in U.S. Cities but Remain Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

By Rachel Yen | July 20, 2023

New CCJ Analysis of 2023 Crime Trends Also Documents a Continuing Spike in Motor Vehicle Theft, With Offenses More Than Doubling in Seven Cities

UpClose with Ekow Yankah

By Rachel Yen | July 19, 2023

This month’s member spotlight features Ekow Yankah. Professor Yankah holds degrees from the University of Michigan, Columbia Law School and Oxford University.

Meeting #3: The National Incident-Based Reporting System, An Introduction to Challenges and Solutions

By Rachel Yen | July 12, 2023

In the Crime Trends Working Group’s first in-person meeting, members discussed challenges with implementation and the usability of the federal government’s current crime data reporting structure and prepared to establish recommendations for improvement.

UpClose with Beth Skinner

By Rachel Yen | June 14, 2023

This month’s member spotlight features Beth Skinner. Dr. Beth Skinner was named the Director of the Iowa Department of Corrections (IDOC) in June 2019. Director Skinner started her career as an intern with the Sixth Judicial District, Department of Correctional Services in Coralville, Iowa in 2002.