Statements on President Biden’s Executive Order on Policing

By maxine | May 25, 2022

Members of CCJ staff and the Council’s Task Force on Policing share perspectives on President Biden’s executive order on policing.

UpClose with James Forman, Jr.

By maxine | May 5, 2022

Our newest member video spotlights CCJ Board of Trustees member James Forman, Jr., a professor at Yale Law School and faculty director of the Yale Law and Racial Justice Center.

UpClose with David Safavian

By maxine | April 4, 2022

Our newest member video spotlights David Safavian, Deputy Director of the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Criminal Justice Reform.

Health and Reentry Project
Issue Brief 1

By maxine | March 23, 2022

This issue brief describes Medicaid’s role as well as the policy changes that are under consideration, health care in the criminal justice system, and key implementation issues that will be central to the success of changing Medicaid’s role at reentry.

UpClose with Chico Tillmon

By maxine | March 15, 2022

Our newest member video spotlights Chico Tillmon, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Chicago Crime and Education Labs, violence prevention expert, and member of CCJ’s Violent Crime Working Group.

Extending Medicaid Coverage to Incarcerated People

By maxine | February 10, 2022

The Health and Reentry Project was launched to maximize the beneficial impacts of a Medicaid policy shift on public health and public safety.

Homicides Continued to Increase in Major U.S. Cities in 2021, but at Slower Pace

By maxine | January 25, 2022

New CCJ analysis shows rise in other violent crimes while drug violations and most property offenses fall again.

Pandemic, Social Unrest, and Crime in U.S. Cities:
Year-End 2021 Update

By maxine | January 24, 2022

A new analysis for CCJ looks at crime trends in major U.S. cities, extending the data through the end of 2021.

Event Recording: Ten Essential Actions Cities Can Take to Reduce Violence Now

By abby | January 19, 2022

Watch six members of the Violent Crime Working Group discuss their final report “Saving Lives: Ten Essential Actions Cities Can Take to Reduce Violence Now”

Washington Monthly
Critical Race Query

By maxine | January 13, 2022

Cumberbatch and Levin discuss the role race plays in the criminal justice system.