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  • Name: Flozell Daniels

    Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

    Company Name: Foundation for Louisiana

  • Name: Marissa Dodson

    Job Title: In Memoriam

  • Name: Jim Seward

    Job Title: Director, Veterans Justice Commission

    Company Name: Former General Counsel, South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard; Colonel, U.S. Army

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  • Name: Matt Bevin

    Job Title: Former Governor

    Company Name: Kentucky

  • Name: Jennifer Doleac

    Job Title: Associate Professor of Economics & Director

    Company Name: Justice Tech Lab, Texas A&M University

  • Name: Sherrilyn Ifill

    Job Title: President and Director-Counsel Emeritus

    Company Name: NAACP Legal Defense Fund

  • Name: Van Jones

    Job Title: CEO

    Company Name: REFORM Alliance

  • Name: Mike Lee

    Job Title: US Senator

    Company Name: Utah

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