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What We Do

Independent and nonpartisan, the Council serves as a center of gravity and incubator of policy and leadership for the criminal justice field. The Council has two main components:

First, it is a national invitational membership organization that elevates the field and creates a community of the most influential and innovative leaders in criminal justice and public policy. Members include federal, state, and local policymakers; professionals in law enforcement, courts, and corrections; program providers and advocates; directly impacted people and victims of crime; and others in media, faith, and business.

Second, the Council is a criminal justice think tank that conducts groundbreaking research and harnesses the credibility of its leaders and members to generate bold policy roadmaps. A key Council activity is convening member task forces that produce policy recommendations capable of garnering political support and driving change.

By combining these two elements, the Council has the intellectual horsepower and diverse expertise needed to translate research and data into policy grounded in facts, evidence, and fundamental principles of justice – and the clout to turn policy proposals into action. The Council itself does not take policy positions, lobby, provide technical assistance, or apply for government contracts or grants.

Metrics of Success

  • Influence on policy change
  • Influence on overall national dialog
  • Demand for Council engagement
  • Demand for Council membership
  • Satisfaction of members that the Council is adding value to their efforts