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  • Name: Pamela Winn

    Job Title: President

    Company Name: RestoreHER US.America

    Bio: Known as "The Face of Dignity For Incarcerated Women”, Pamela Winn is an activist with over 10 years experience as a registered nurse specializing in Women's Health. While serving a 78-month federal sentence for a white-collar crime, Pamela was shackled, causing her to fall and miscarry, then placed in solitary confinement. Rather than diminish her spirit, she uses her personal and professional lived experiences to empower her. Pamela is the Founder and serves as President of RestoreHER US.America (RestoreHER), whose mission is to end mass incarceration and prison birth of women through education, research, advocacy, civic engagement, housing, and leadership. RestoreHER is a Core Movement Partner of the Southern Black Girls & Women Consortium. Under Pamela's innovative visionary leadership, RestoreHER's initiative, Informing Marginalized Peoples Power And Cultivating Transformation (IMPPACT) aims to mobilize Georgia's formerly incarcerated vote.