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  • Name: Kathryn Bocanegra

    Job Title: Assistant Professor

    Company Name: University of Illinois Chicago

  • Name: Alexander Busansky

    Job Title: President and Founder

    Company Name: Impact Justice

  • Name: April Camara

    Job Title: President and CEO

    Company Name: National Legal Aid and Defender Association

  • Name: Lisa Daniels

    Job Title: Founder/Executive Director

    Company Name: 8153

  • Name: Christine Elow

    Job Title: Police Commissioner

    Company Name: Cambridge Police Department

  • Name: Amy Fettig

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: The Sentencing Project

  • Name: Elizabeth Glazer

    Job Title: Founder

    Company Name: Vital City

  • Name: April Grayson

    Job Title: Statewide Coordinator

    Company Name: Young Women's Freedom Center, Sister Warrior's Freedom Coalition

  • Name: Richard Jerome

    Job Title: Deputy Monitor

    Company Name: NYPD Stop and Frisk Case

  • Name: Bernette Johnson

    Job Title: Chief Justice (ret.)

    Company Name: Louisiana Supreme Court

  • Name: Maha Jweied

    Job Title: Principal

    Company Name: Jweied Consulting

  • Name: Norman Reimer

    Job Title: Global CEO

    Company Name: Fair Trials

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