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  • Name: Margaret Egan

    Job Title: Interim Chief Administrative Officer

    Company Name: Fountain House

  • Name: John Flynn

    Job Title: District Attorney

    Company Name: Erie County, NY

  • Name: Rob Jeffreys

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

  • Name: David Kirk

    Job Title: Professor of Sociology

    Company Name: Oxford University

  • Name: Vonya Quarles

    Job Title: Attorney Executive Director

    Company Name: Starting Over, Inc.

  • Name: Kris Steele

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: The Education and Employment Ministry

  • Name: Syrita Steib

    Job Title: Founder and President/CEO

    Company Name: Operation Restoration

  • Name: Tori Verber Salazar

    Job Title: Attorney at Law; Former District Attorney of San Joaquin County

    Company Name: TVSLAW

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