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  • Name: Brandon del Pozo

    Job Title: Assistant Professor of Medicine, and Public Health

    Company Name: Brown University

  • Name: Dawn Freeman

    Job Title: President & CEO, ReGenHope Initiative; Chief of Staff and Legislative Director

    Company Name: Texas House of Representatives

  • Name: Spurgeon Kennedy

    Job Title: Vice President

    Company Name: Crime and Justice Institute

  • Name: Tracey Meares

    Job Title: Walton Hale Hamilton Professor

    Company Name: Yale Law School

  • Name: Elizabeth Pyke

    Job Title: Director of Government Affairs

    Company Name: National Criminal Justice Association

  • Name: Heather Rice-Minus

    Job Title: Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

    Company Name: Prison Fellowship

  • Name: Lawrence Sherman

    Job Title: Chief Scientific Officer

    Company Name: Metropolitan Police (London, UK)

  • Name: Ja'Ron Smith

    Job Title: Partner

    Company Name: Dentons Global Advisors

  • Name: Pamela Winn

    Job Title: President

    Company Name: RestoreHER US.America

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