Corporate Membership:
A Partnership Between Leaders in Business and Criminal Justice

In the wake of increases in violent crime, police killings, and inequities exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the nation’s largest companies issued statements condemning racism, committed to new social justice initiatives (or expanded existing ones), and pledged millions in assistance to community organizations. Business leaders also accelerated their exploration of the best ways to employ returning citizens, plan for COVID-generated workforce changes, improve the resilience of local economies, build equitable supply chains, attract investors committed to justice issues, and engage directly in criminal justice reform. For the nation to make the most of this opportunity, it’s imperative that private sector initiatives be guided by knowledge and experience about what works best to improve safety and justice.

Corporate membership is a strategic collaboration between CCJ and business with the aim of helping industry leaders understand and navigate the criminal justice landscape. The Council acts as a resource hub for corporate members, providing the latest information and ideas and access to our expansive, diverse network of leaders and experts, and creating opportunities for corporate members to educate key leaders about their initiatives.

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Glenn Martin
Director, Corporate Membership
Senior Adviser
Bessie Scott
Khalil Cumberbatch
Khalil A. Cumberbatch
Director, Strategic Partnerships
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Andrew Page
Vice President, Membership and External Relations