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  • Name: Eduardo Bocanegra

    Job Title: Senior Advisor for Community Violence Intervention

    Company Name: Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice

    Bio: Bocanegra is a pioneer in efforts to prevent violence, address its traumatic impacts, and create safer communities. Prior to joining the Office of Justice Programs, he served as the senior director of READI Chicago, an initiative that provides employment combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, skill-building, and other support to those at highest risk of becoming involved in gun violence. Previously, Bocanegra served as executive director of the YMCA of Chicago and as an organizer for the Community Renewal Society, where he worked to increase opportunities for the formerly incarcerated. He also worked as a violence interrupter for Chicago’s Ceasefire and was featured in the award-winning documentary The Interrupters. Bocanegra served on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Commission for a Safer Chicago and co-chaired Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Public Safety and Accountability Commission for a Safer Chicago.

    Bio 2: Bocanegra is a committee member of the Illinois Juvenile Justice Leadership Council, a board member of the Juvenile Justice Initiative, and a trustee of the Council on Criminal Justice.