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  • Name: Melissa Nelson

    Job Title: State Attorney

    Company Name: Florida's 4th Judicial Circuit

  • Name: Michael Nutter

    Job Title: Former Mayor

    Company Name: City of Philadelphia

  • Name: Colette S. Peters

    Job Title: Director

    Company Name: Federal Bureau of Prisons

  • Name: Charles Ramsey

    Job Title: Former Chief of Police and Commissioner

    Company Name: Cities of Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Chicago

  • Name: Louis L. Reed

    Job Title: Social Impact Leader, Founder, M|365

  • Name: Virginia Sloan

    Job Title: Founder & President Emeritus

    Company Name: The Constitution Project

  • Name: Nicholas Turner

    Company Name: Vera Institute of Justice

  • Name: Paula Wolff

    Job Title: Policy Advisor

    Company Name: Illinois Justice Project

  • Name: Sally Yates

    Job Title: Partner

    Company Name: King & Spalding

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