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  • Name: Roy L. Austin

    Job Title: Vice President of Civil Rights

    Company Name: Meta

  • Name: Adam Gelb

    Job Title: President & CEO

    Company Name: Council on Criminal Justice

  • Name: Timothy Head

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: Faith and Freedom Coalition

  • Name: Michael Jacobson

    Job Title: Executive Director

    Company Name: CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance

  • Name: Justin Keener

    Job Title: Partner

    Company Name: Granite Public Affairs

  • Name: Gil Kerlikowske

    Job Title: Former Director

    Company Name: US Office of National Drug Control Policy

  • Name: Mona Mahoney

    Job Title: General Counsel

    Company Name: M&T Realty Capital Corporation

  • Name: Gerald Malloy

    Job Title: State Senator

    Company Name: South Carolina

  • Name: Laurie Robinson

    Job Title: Clarence J. Robinson Professor Emeritus

    Company Name: George Mason University

  • Name: Donald Stern

    Job Title: Managing Director, Corporate Monitoring and Consulting Services

    Company Name: Affiliated Monitors, Inc.

  • Name: Nicole Surber

    Job Title: Vice President, Major & Principal Gifts

    Company Name: Environmental Defense Fund

  • Name: Jo-Ann Wallace

    Job Title: President, CEO, and Board Chairperson

    Company Name: National Legal Aid and Defenders Association Insurance Program

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